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Bella Bella Mirrors by Lara Moore | Swag Grass Mirror

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Swag Grass Mirror

Bella Bella specializes in custom sizes and design;
home furnishings to fulfill a personal vision of beauty,
self-expression and comfort.
Let us help you customize your table, with the right combination
of pattern and color!
Email or call us at (845) 679 2622

Free Ground Shipping

A. 30Lx24W inches, 3.5 inch frame
Price: $1000.00

B. 50Lx26W inches, 5 inch frame
Price: $1600.00

C. 18Wx58L, 4" frame
Price: $1200.00

D. 30x30, 5" frame
Price: $1200.00

E. 24X36, 5" frame
Price: $1100.00

Due to the nature of handcrafted work delivery time may vary. This item usually ships within four to six weeks. For any shipping requirement other than free ground shipping, please call (845) 679-2622, or email

Bella Bella is the studio of artist Lara Moore. Bella Bella makes contemporary mirrors. All mirrors features Lara's distinctive hand cut paper patterns in rich, saturated colors. Every mirror is made by hand to order and all mirrors are protected by a thick glossy resin finish for easy care and cleaning. Starting with a wooden form, Lara layers tissue paper, sometimes hundreds, hand cutting each individual design element to create her designs. Then each mirror is coated with a thick glossy resin. The resin reacts with the paper to offer the rich, velvety textured color for the eye, and a hard glass-like feel for the hand. The resin also provides industrial grade durability, heat alcohol, and water resistance. Use soap and water or Windex clean up. All mirrors are suitable for residential and commercial use, including restaurants. Lara is constantly creating innovative designs and specializes in custom sizes, shapes, color-ways, and patterns. Let us help you customize your mirror with the right combination of pattern and color! Email, or call (845) 679 2622
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