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Pamela Whitlock Scarves | Sosumi Weaving | Handwoven Bamboo and Silk Scarves

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Africa in Ash and Magenta Bamboo Scarf
Africa in
Ash & Magent

Africa in Ash and mardi Gras Bamboo Scarf
Africa in
Ash & Mardi Gras

Africa in Denim and Passion Bamboo Scarf
Africa in
Denim & Passion

Africa in Fig and Ginger, Persimmon, and Acorn Bamboo Scarf
Africa in
Fig & Ginger
Persimmon, & Acorn

Africa in Fig and Mardi Gras Bamboo Scarf
Africa in
Fig & Mardi Gras

Africa in Ginger and Persimmon Acorn Bamboo Scarf
Africa in
Ginger & Persimmon

Africa in Lavender and Periwinkle Bamboo Scarf
Africa in
Lavender & Periwinkle

Africa in Lime and Sugar Bamboo Scarf
Africa in
Lime & Sugar

Africa in Passion and Azurite Bamboo Scarf
Africa in
Passion & Azurite

Africa in Passion and Magenta Bamboo Scarf
Africa in
Passion & Magenta

Africa in Steel and Turquoise Bamboo Scarf
Africa in
Steel & Turquoise

Africa in Walnut and Mardi Gras Bamboo Scarf
Africa in
Walnut & Mardi Gras

Beemer in Beach and Tide Bamboo Scarf
Beemer in
Beach & Tide

Beemer in Periwinkle and Paprika Bamboo Scarf
Beemer in
Periwinkle & Paprika

Beemer in
Tea & Ginger

Beemer in

Blox in Ash Bamboo Scarf
Blox in

Blox in Denim Bamboo Scarf
Blox in

Blox in Fig Bamboo Scarf
Blox in

Blox in Green Tea Bamboo Scarf
Blox in
Green Tea

blox in steel bamboo scarf
Blox in

Blox in


Pamela Whitlock handwoven bamboo fiber scarves are sculptural in pattern, and elegant to both hand and eye. Her scarves focus on the weaving techniques of multi-harness shadow weave color and two-harness color and weave affect. She has most recently developed a new line using 100% bamboo fiber, shown here.

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