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Rockledge Design Studios | Three Horse Sculpture by Frits VanEeden
Indoor and Outdoor Furniture | Sculpture | Accessories | Clocks

Rockledge Design Studios designs and produces contemporary indoor and outdoor furniture, as well as sculpture, accessories, and clocks. They are made with marine grade brushed aluminum and heat tempered powder coated steel. Their artists include these well known names: Fred Garbotz, Christopher Royal, Louise Matlock, Frits VanEeden, Dan Crowley, and Don Newman.
Indoor and Outdoor Furniture, Sculpture, Accessories, Clocks       About Designers for Rockledge Design Studios

Three Horse Sculpture by Frits VanEeden

Three Horse Sculpture

Currently recognized by many of the world art critics, Frits VanEeden shows his work in Europe, The Caribbean, and the United States. At last count he has participated in nearly on hundred single and group shows. This graceful depiction of horses is a beautiful collectors piece. Constructed from marine grade brushed aluminum.
Size: 30 inches high, 18 inches wide, 6 inches deep

Price: $398.00

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