Abby's Posh Potholders, Handwoven Potholders-Trivets

Abby's handwoven potholders/trivets, inspired by Scottish tartans (the plaids created by the various clans to identify themselves, worn in the form of kilts - for the men, of course) are especially beautiful and interesting. There are hundreds of different tartans, both current and “ancient” as they are referred to sometimes. She has chosen those plaids that inspire her both with patterns and with colors. Abby has reproduced them on a special extra-large potholder loom. Each finished piece measures approximately 8" square.

Abby double weaves each potholder (that means going up and down in every space instead of every other space) - for comfort and strength - from cotton loops made here in the northeast (New Hampshire, to be exact). Each pattern represents a different clan tartan. The colors and patterns of these Scottish tartan potholders/trivets will brighten up your kitchen and add a lot of fun to your cooking experience.