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Cardigan Shown In Iron by Angelrox

Angelrox® this versatile Cardigan shown in Iron. The cardigan is one of the Angelrox essential layers. It's elegant and cozy with deep sweet pockets.
Wear it classic and long, upside down for a fun shift in proportions, or inside out for smoother lines. It's lovely belted. You can close it with a classic brooch or simply throw it on and go.
This cardigan delights a fabulous range of ages, sizes and body shapes! This sustainable bamboo stretch knit is engineered to gently hug and offer year-round comfort for sensitive skin. Crafted from locally knit super soft rayons made with bamboo fibers. This cardigan is engineered for comfort, to build confidence and to minimize waste. Each piece is handcrafted from beginning to end by a single person and often on a single sewing machine. packing is minimal and recycled. These folks endeavor to make a positive impact on this beautiful and amazing planet.

  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • 92% Rayon from Bamboo, 8% spandex
  • Spot clean when possible, launder less save water, hand wash cold or machine wash delicate hang or lay flat to dry, steam or cool iron
  • Size: One size fits most
  • Shipping: approximately one to two weeks


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About Angelrox, Roxi Suger

Roxi Suger Founder of Angelrox, Handcrafted Clothing, Apparel, Artwear"Open-hearted and gentle, clever and curious, a beautiful and powerful mix of passion, humility, and originality—Roxi Suger is the soul and spirit behind the brand of Angelrox. Dedicated to making a difference in both life and business, to spreading the joy and peace that so organically flows from her to the sweet angels she encounters, she delights in connecting with others to care, share, hope, and give.

Angelrox is a family business crafting our wares in a historic textile mill in Biddeford, Maine. we take pride and joy in giving back to our community and contributing in its revival.


Angelrox Clothing, Apparel, Artwear is design for ease and comfortAngelrox clothing is made from bamboo and cozy sustainable plant-based fibers that breathe and feel so sweet on sensitive skin. Our colors are drawn from nature and blend beautifully. A rich dose of stretch supports and comforts the body in the most loving way for a great fit across a range of body types and sizes. Easy to care for and durable, Angelrox allows customers to dance through their busy days with ease while planting their feet gently upon the ground.


We engineer our products to minimize waste and save, reuse, recycle and eliminate waste in our office, production and lives all that we can. Our marketing and packaging are made in-house using 100% recycled paper. Our fabrics are knit near us in the northeast which reduces the distance they must travel and saves fuel. We take mindful actions with regard to earth every day.


Angelrox Clothing, Apparel, Artwear is design for ease and comfort-2Founded by designer Roxi Suger and supported by a host of amazing angels. We are dedicated to making products that nurture and inspire. Our greatest source of delight is the comfort and joy our customers derive from the things we make". Roxi's mission of helping women to recognize their unique beauty through her designs and positive sizing is conveyed and supported in every aspect of our business and somehow in the clothing itself. that spirit is returned a thousand fold in the accolades, satisfaction, and stories that customers share, making each day for our team brighter. we are endlessly inspired by the angels we serve.

Angelrox represents balance and the essential dichotomy present in all. A prayer to find in each day that happy common ground."

"May Peace Prevail"


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