Sosumi Weaving by Pamela Whitlock Deep V Scarf in Walnut Artistic Handwoven Scarves
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Deep V Scarf in Walnut, Sosumi Weaving by Pamela Whitlock

Sosumi Weaving-Pamela Whitlock creates this artistic, Deep V Scarf in Walnut.

Her weaving utilizes 100% bamboo yarn, spun from the cellulose of that highly renewable plant material. Like the cane, the yarn is crazy strong; the dyes are fast, permanent, seriously non-bleeding.

Once your hand woven scarf comes off the loom and through the washer and dryer, the hand and drape resemble that of a silk/cashmere blend.

The scarves are sculptural in pattern, and elegant to both hand and eye.

Handmade in the USA.

* Size: Approximately 72"L. x 9-10"W.

Shipping: approximately two to four weeks.

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Due to the nature of handcrafted work, subtle variations are natural.


Pamela Whitlock's weaving techniques include multi-harness shadow weave color, two-harness color and weave effect. In addition to her line of luxurious scarves woven of rayon chenille and ribbon or "flag" yarns, she has most recently developed a new line using 100% bamboo fiber, sometimes mixed with recycled sari silks/banana fiber. The bamboo fiber scarves are sculptural in pattern, and elegant to both hand and eye.

About Pamela Whitlock

Designers and makers of 100% bamboo hand woven accessories for the person and the home.

Artist Statement:

Pamela Whitlock, Sosumi Weaving Studio Images 1

"I consider myself to be a craftsman as well as an artist. I create pieces that have both the practical function of providing warmth to the wearer, as well as the aesthetic value of enhancing the beauty of everyday life. My influences were my mother, an avid knitter, and Jack Lenor Larsen, whose wonderful fabrics covered the furniture in my childhood home."



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