Heffernan Art Mirrors, Handwoven Copper and Steel Art Mirrors by Jean and Tom Heffernan

Jean and Tom Heffernan of Heffernan Art Mirrors create these artistic, copper and steel handwoven mirrors. "Mirrors 'reflect' energy into a room."

"Our work is about color, light, and you. Mirrors have been virtually ignored as a medium for artists.  Yet for us, it is perfect.  We like people. And we like them raw, exactly as they are – unfiltered, untouched. To celebrate you, your individual qualities and moods, we have put you at the heart of our work"

Jean and Tom hand-weave copper or steel strips that they have treated with heat and chemicals to produce the rich subtle muted tones of colors, which they then further enhance by hand-painting on brighter colors to produce eye-catching Works Of Art.