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Beautifully Served by Jill Rikkers Copper Salad Set Artistic Handcrafted Artisan Servingware

Jill Rikkers, the owner of Beautifully Served by Jill, creates this Copper Salad Set. It is available with square, round, or flat handles with or without holes. Each head is attached to the handle, using brass rivets. Each piece is handmade, so they will vary. They are available in copper or stainless steel handle. If needed, you can brighten up your copper using an abrasive pad or copper cleaner.

Handwash and dry. If needed, lightly coat with coconut oil on the handles.

"Homemade meals deserve handmade serving ware. Hand-forged with love"

Handcrafted in the USA.

* Handle Styles:
A. Round Handle
B. Square Handle
C. Flat Handle
D. Flat Handle with Hole

* Handle Material
Blackened Stainless Steel

Shipping: approximately two weeks.

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Due to the nature of handcrafted work, subtle variations are natural.


About Jill Rikkers

Jill Rikkers Profile, Beautifully Served by Jill, Artist, Artisan Handcrafted Kitchen ToolsJill graduated with a metalsmithing degree from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin Ireland in 1989. That October she moved to Telluride Colorado where she still resides with her family. With two full studios on their property, Jill and Scott have run a successful custom woodworking and metalsmithing career. Jill began designing and crafting the serving ware line in 1995. Since then, she has finessed the designs and serving ware sets down to what you see today. Always coming up with new shapes and needs for your tabletop.

Jill Rikkers working in her studioBeautifully-Served-by-Jill-Handcrafted-Artisanal-Kitchen-Tools-Servingware-in-Copper-and-Stainless-Steel-Jill-Rikkers-03Beautifully-Served-by-Jill-Handcrafted-Artisanal-Kitchen-Tools-Servingware-in-Copper-and-Stainless-Steel-Jill-Rikkers-9




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