Diane Markin Clock Fiesta Multi Mix C4FI-M, Artistic Artisan Designer Clocks
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Clock Fiesta Multi Mix C4FI-M by Diane Markin

Diane Markin creates this artistic, Multi Mix Fiesta Clock. Available in Multi Mix or Blues, Clears, Greens, Purples or Yellows. Stands or hangs.

* Size: 4" Clock Face

Shipping: approximately one week.

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Due to the nature of handcrafted work, subtle variations are natural.


Diane Markin Photo Frames and Clocks Group 3Diane Markin creates colorful beaded stained glass photo frames and glass clocks. They have iridescent glass jewels, that create symmetrical and asymmetrical patterns.

Diane always knew she was different. She struggled to control her rambunctious nature and overactive imagination, and yearned to broaden her horizons beyond her mundane Midwest confines. She seized her first opportunity to escape and traveled west.

Diane's work has vibrant colors and tantalizing shapes. She creates with boundless energy and enthusiastic exuberance, to transform ordinary elements of glass and metal into quirky works of funky style.



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