Rosalie Sherman Hook Doris in Pewter Artistic Artisan Designer Cabinet Hardware
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Hook People Doris by Rosalie Sherman

Rosalie Sherman creates this artistic, Doris People Hook.

Handmade in the USA.

* Size: 2"H. x 2"W. x 2.25"D.

Shipping: approximately one to two weeks.

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For any shipping requirement other than free ground shipping, please call (845) 679-2622, or email

Due to the nature of handcrafted work, subtle variations are natural.


Tired of the ubiquitous hardware you see in every kitchen and bath store? Looking for something a bit different to express the inner you? Or maybe, you just want to be cheered up when you open your cabinets to get out the morning cereal.

Check out these whimsical, artistic, door and cabinet hardware, cast in non-leaded pewter. Safe for all your creative ideas. You'll love this curious cast of characters.

Rosalie Sherman Profile - Rose in her studioRosalie Sherman's sculptural and whimsical, pewter drawer and cabinet pulls, hooks, door bell covers and knockers are handmade in the USA.
After she became an Artist-in Residence at Artpark in 1981, where she made a 12-1/2 foot tall “Doghouse” (a bull terrier out of lumber and aluminum siding), Rosalie spent the next 15 years making site-specific public sculptures. She has made sculptures and benches for parks in Pennsylvania, animal seating for a subway stop in Boston, dog and cat sculptures for the front of a county animal shelter in Florida, play sculptures for a children’s hospital in Oregon, and benches and sculptures for schools in Maryland.
Now, she’s turned her attention to everyday surroundings, making affordable sculptures for the home; whimsical animal and people cabinet hardware.



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