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Beames Designs Jewelry, Artistic Fused Glass Necklaces JL Walsh Metalsmith Jewelry, Artistic Artisan Designer JewelryWhite Cloud Creations, Joseph Cozad, Fashion Jewelry, Beaded Earrings and NecklacesMichal Golan Jewelry is handmade with Swarovski Crystals, Glass Beads, and Brass Electroplated 24K Gold, Artistic Designer JewelryMichelle Pressler Jewelry, Artistic Artisan Designer JewelryRichelle Leigh Jewelry Collection, 14Kt Gold, Sterling Silver, Diamonds Shellie David Jewelry, Artistic Artisan Designer JewelrySherri Cohen Design Jewelry and Judaica, Artistic Artisan Designer Jewelry and Judaica Susan Anderson Design Jewelry, Artistic Artisan Designer Jewelry Suzanne Linquist Jewelry, Red Circle Metals Jewelry, Artistic Artisan Designer JewelrySuzanne Q. Evon, Q Evon Jewelry Design, Gold, Silver, Argentium, and Custom-Cut Stone, Contemporary Artistic JewleryVasant Designs Jewelry, Artistic Artisan Designer JewelryVotive Jewelry, Handcrafted Sterling Silver, 14K Gold-Fill, 18K Gold, Jeweler’s Brass and Natural Stones Jewelry, Artistic Designer JewelryYoolie's Jewelry, Swarovski Crystal, Hand Painted, Stainless Steel, Artistic Artisan Designer Jewelry

This is an eclectic collection of contemporary designer, artisan crafted jewelry. Adorn your life with unique jewelry that has personality. Handmade in the USA. Free Ground Shipping