Bella Bella Art by Lara Moore Console Table with Pods tbl-crnpod-002-a, Artistic Artisan Designer Tables
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Pods tbl-crnpod-002-a Console Table by Lara Moore, Bella Bella Art

Lara Moore, the artist behind Bella Bella Art, creates this artistic, Console Table with Pods.

* Size: 48"L. x 16"W. x 30"H.

Shipping: approximately four to eight weeks.

Shipping: approximately six to eight weeks.

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Due to the nature of handcrafted work, subtle variations are natural.


All of Lara's work features distinctive hand cut paper patterns in rich, saturated colors. Every piece is made by hand, to order, and is protected by a thick glossy resin finish for easy care and cleaning. Starting with a wooden form, Lara layers tissue paper, hand cutting each individual element to create her designs. Then each piece is coated with a thick glossy resin. The resin reacts with the paper to offer a rich, velvety textured color, and a hard glass-like feel for the hand. The resin also provides industrial grade durability, heat alcohol, and water resistance. Use soap and water or Windex to clean.

Bella Bella Interior Display Image All work is suitable for residential and commercial use, including restaurants, counter-tops, and backsplashes. Lara is constantly creating innovative designs and specializes in custom sizes, shapes, color-ways, and patterns.

Lara Moore Profile ImageLara still feels a thrill when she creates a new pattern, or finds an unexpected way to use color. Lara wants to create an inlaid quality, like Byzantine mosaics or the fantastic woodwork of the Arts and Crafts movement, flawlessly precise, with crisp, clean edges.

Lara's work is unique. She wants the viewer to wonder: Is it stone, metal, or glass? 






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