Good Jumper Print by Brian Andreas Storypeople


I'm a good jumper, he said, but I'm not so good at landing. Maybe you should stay closer to the ground then, I said & he shook his head & said the ground was the whole problem in the first place.

* Double matted print (white with black inset)
* Size: 11" x 14" matted

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Due to the nature of handcrafted work, subtle variations are natural.

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Brian Andreas Studio Stories and Prints

Brian Andreas, creator of Storypeople, has gone off on a new adventure, which he does from time to time. His new business creation is called Brian Andreas Studio. He is an artist and storyteller extraordinaire with international recognition. Brian's new prints are pearls of wisdom and witty humor, that are wonderfully illustrated with Brian's whimsical, colorful drawings. They will make you think, pause, wonder, laugh, and reflect on life. Everyday experiences turn into moments of inspiration for Brian as he weaves thoughtful stories about them. His light hearted perceptions and writings are truly enlightening.

Storypeople prints are Brian's original stories, which continue to inspire and grow.


Brian Andreas Profile

A lot of people know me as the writer & artist behind StoryPeople. Along with the thousands of stories & prints I've created over the years, I’ve also written 13 books for StoryPeople Press, two of which were nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry. I've co-authored one book under A Hundred Ways North (with more to come). There's also my recent collaboration with photographer Lorne Resnick, “Cuba: This moment, Exactly So”, which is the winner of three independent book awards. (See what happens when you just keep writing & making art?)

Brian Andreas Profile 2

In 2015 I co-founded Brian Andreas Studio (as a platform for my most recent original art) & A Hundred Ways North (as a way to go deeper into community-building through storytelling).

People often say I write about the quiet moments of living. Well, over a year ago, I had a much louder moment of living when I met Wendy 'Fia'. Which is why I let go of everything I thought I knew (Yeah. Ask me for a list sometime when you have a couple of hours, or so). The truth is I'm excited to partner with her here on A Hundred Ways North. We've done all of these things separately in our previous lives; now we're interested in how to do it together...

Storypeople is a diverse group of people, artists, activists, healers, and tinkerers. In their own words: "We talk, we laugh, we eat great food & drink great wine, sometimes we disagree (passionately) & sometimes we agree (equally passionately) & it's all part of the same gift of being alive together. Our wish is that other people experience this amazing world we live in as a world of imagination & possibility & healing. We believe our stories do that. (& that's not just StoryPeople stories, but all our stories...) We believe (fiercely) in the power of stories, not because they're our stories, but because it is valuable & right to protect the precious connections between people."

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