White Topaz and Pearl Necklace B2 by Michelle Pressler


Michelle Pressler creates this artistic, White Topaz and Pearl Necklace. It also has sapphires, green apatite, green zircon, blue zircon and white topaz.

Michelle uses silk cord, sterling silver, 14k gold filled, semi precious stones, and gold filled chain and links. Handmade in the USA.

* Available with:
   A. Sterling Silver $98
   B. Gold Filled $105
* Size: 16-17" long

Shipping: approximately one week.

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Due to the nature of handcrafted work, subtle variations are natural.

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Michelle has loved faceted stones from childhood. She's inspired by modern and classical design, as well as nature. Her jewelry incorporates silk cord, sterling silver, 14k gold filled, semi precious stones, and gold filled chain and links. Due to the nature of the hand cut stones, no two pieces of jewelry are identical.


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Michelle Pressler

Michelle Pressler Jewelry Necklaces and Earrings Display Group 2

To Michelle, less is more means that only a few key elements are needed to accentuate and compliment each other, resulting in a design that is simple, yet sophisticated.

Michelle Pressler Jewelry Necklace Display 5

Taking her inspiration from ancient Greece decorative patterns and trims, modern design, and nature, Michelle carefully arranges the stones so that the beauty of their irregularity is showcased.

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