Suzanne Linquist Red Circle Metals Earrings 1E8, Artistic Artisan Designer Jewelry
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Earrings 1E8 by Suzanne Linquist

Suzanne Linquist, Red Circle Metals Jewelry, creates this artistic bracelet 12B3. It's made of ebony, silver inlay and detail, memory wire, rubber tubing.

Suzanne Linquist's jewelry is made of lathe turned ebony, sterling silver, pearls and more.

  • Handmade in the USA
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Due to the nature of handcrafted work, subtle variations are natural.

Artist Statement

"My goal is to create abstract sculptural jewelry that is lively, visually interesting, and comfortable, work that adds a bit of happiness to life. Jewelry doesn't mean much unless it is worn, and I like to think of the person who puts on one of my pins, necklaces, or pairs of earrings as enhancing the piece, adding who they are to the piece's artistic identity."

Searching for something very black, Suzanne Linquist found ebony by accident, in a box of old piano keys. Compared to metal, ebony is lightweight, so she can make jewelry, and still create what she loves: small sculpture. To enhance her forms, she inlays them with silver to catch ambient light, or combines them to create motion and changing visual relationships between elements.

Linquist's pieces begin with an ebony shape turned on a mini-lathe, or silver fabricated into a hollow form. Leaves and small parts are cast by the lost wax process. Most silver additions (disc, rings, spheres) are fabricated. All silver is finished with 60 grit sandpaper so the surface catches the light from every direction. Ebony forms are patterned with silver inlay, dots or strips of wire.



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