Ugone And Thomas Ceramic Wall Sconce S250 ACABS In Artist Cabin Saddle Artistic Designer Wall Sconces
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Ceramic Wall Sconce S250 ACABS In Artist Cabin Saddle by Ugone And Thomas

Janna Ugone and Justin Thomas have created this artistic classic shaped ceramic wall sconce. The perfect size for a smaller space, powder room or narrow hallway. The artists hand cast and meticulously hand glaze each of their ceramic wall sconces. Handmade, signed, dated and hallmarked. Available with a wiring kit for direct wiring, or with a cord for wall mounting (please specify in checkout comment box). Lamp socket can accommodate CFL and LED bulbs. UL Listed.

Handmade in the USA.

* Bulb: 60 watts appliance
* Dimensions: 11.75"W x 5.5"H x 6"D

Shipping: approximately two weeks.

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Due to the nature of handcrafted work, subtle variations are natural.


About Janna and Justin

Janna Ugone and Justin Thomas ProfileArtists Janna Ugone and Justin Thomas design and create artistic, unique, designer home accessories. Design themes include geometric, abstract, botanical, birds, fish, animals, butterflies, mosaics, and maps.

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Their work has always held to exacting standards of craftsmanship and beauty. After twenty years in business, Janna Ugone has joined forces with her longtime manager Justin Thomas to form Ugone and Thomas. The new Ugone and Thomas designs draw on both of their creativity and inventiveness.



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