Earrings E212 by Vasant Designs


Vasant Rechtshaffen of Vasant Designs Jewelry creates these blue green chalcedony and green peridot earrings E212, with 24k gold vermeil accents and wires.

 * Size: approximately 1.25" long

Shipping: approximately one to two weeks.

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Due to the nature of handcrafted work, subtle variations are natural.

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Vasant designs earrings, necklaces, and bracelets with precious and semi precious stones including labradorite, rubies, tanzanite, peridot, citrine, quartz, kyanite, and chalcedony, and more. Her jewelry is constructed with 24kt gold, 24kt gold vermeil, and sterling silver. Handmade in the USA.


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Handmade Precious and Semi Precious Stone, 24kt Gold Vermeil, and Sterling Silver Jewelry

Vasant Rechtshaffen creates this beautiful jewelry with precious and semi precious stone, 24kt gold vermeil, sterling silver, labradorite, rubies, tanzanite, peridot, citrine, quartz, kyanite, and chalcedony. Handmade in the USA. "I get so much pleasure out of seeing my designs light up a beautiful woman and in turn to see how her natural beauty makes my creations even more stunning to the eye."


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