Victoria Primicias Le Colonial Prairie Style Stained Glass Mirror Artistic Artisan Designer Mirrors
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Victoria Primicias Le Colonial Prairie Style Stained Glass Mirror Artistic Artisan Designer Mirrors back of mirror

Le Colonial Prairie Style Stained Glass Mirror by Victoria Primicias

Victoria Primicias creates these Prairie Style Le Colonial mirrors with wide triangles and rectilinear glass tiles. She hand cuts each individual piece of glass and glues them onto a lightweight waterproof board. Then she applies the grout to seal the edges. They are framed with aluminum and ready to hang with a french cleat, attached to the back included.

"Prairie Style" is a late 19th and early 20th-century architectural style, first developed by the famed artist Frank Lloyd Wright. Its characteristic horizontal lines are thought to have evoked and related to the wide treeless expanses of Americas' native PRAIRIE landscape.

Handcrafted in the USA

* Available Sizes & Prices:
  A. 36"W x 24"H - $990
  B. 48"W x 36"H - $1980

Shipping: approximately two weeks.


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Due to the nature of handcrafted work, subtle variations are natural.

About Victoria Primicias

Victoria Primicias Prairie Style Stained Glass MirrorsVictoria is a 25-year graphic design veteran whose work has been recognized in various publications including Communication Arts, American Institute of Graphic Arts, Print Magazine, and many more. She holds a BA in Fine Art History from the University of Toronto and Graphic Design from George Brown College. Additional coursework was completed at the Ontario College Art & Design (OCAD) and Seneca College.



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