COVID Tulips c-lb326 Painting by Lila Bacon 04-2020 24x30
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Tulips c-lb326 Acrylic Painting by Lila Bacon 04-2020 24x30

Tulips, acrylic painting on canvas and archival giclee prints, by Lila Bacon, 4/2020
This painting is part of a series of pieces that started in April 2020, all were completed during the pandemic, as a way to navigate through fear and change.

Making art has always been an integral part of Lila Bacon’s life. From the time she was a child, she knew it was a tool, a way of channeling the world around her, through her vision. She always felt extremely lucky and blessed to have this friend, this lucky penny in her back pocket.... this drive to guide her along the road of her life.

  • A. Original Painting: 24" x 30" x 1.5" - $1,500
  • Archival Giclee Print Sizes: 
    B. Archival Giclee Small Print: 11" x 14", One-inch border on all sides - $225
    C. Archival Giclee Large Print: 22" x 28", One-inch border on all sides - $350
  • Shipping: approximately one week


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Due to the nature of handcrafted work, subtle variations are natural.

Lila Bacon Artist, Paintings Group Image 2Woodstock, New York artist, painter, Lila Bacon is a master of fine art floral paintings. She has been a long time Woodstock resident and co-owner of the Sweetheart Gallery.

"I am inspired by my visual life and my own interpretation of it. I love describing space by placing emphasis on the world around an object rather than the object itself.
Paying attention to the relationships between objects allows me to truly view the object itself. It seems that whether I am painting a landscape, nude, or whatever, finding the pattern of the scene allows me to create an internal and external rhythm or breath in a piece.

It is the act of working that I truly am in love with, rather than the product. I find the ego involved judgments that I make outside of the creating, only tend to get in my way, whether it is to like or dislike the final product."

Lila Bacon Artist, Painter in her Woodstock, NY Studio



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  • Shipping: approximately one week
  • Shipping: approximately one week