Shoal Series in Seafoam Handblown Glass Bowl by Thomas Spake Studios Artisan Handblown Art Glass Bowls
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Shoal Series in Seafoam Handblown Glass Bowl by Thomas Spake Studios

Thomas Spake creates this Shoal Series in Seafoam Handblown Glass Bowl. The texture is created using glass chips and powders. It is then sandblasted and carved, which accounts for his unique and signature style.

  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Artisan crafted hand-blown glass
  • Size: 6" T x 8" W
  • Colors: Blues, greens, grays
  • Made to order
  • Shipping: approximately two weeks


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Due to the nature of handcrafted work, subtle variations are natural.

About Thomas Spake Studios

Thomas Spake Glassblower, Thomas Spake Studio

Thomas began blowing glass back in 1994. As it happened, he went to college to pursue a basketball scholarship, but as fate would have it, a work-study in the art department introduced him to glassblowing. He remembers that "jaw-dropping moment", seeing the molten material rotating on the blowpipe, the creative energy, the improvisation, the dance, the sweat, the teamwork. All these things at once. This was something he had to do. After 2 years, he walked off the court, and into the hotshop to take his first class.

The college glass experience was one of exploration, trial and error, and a "see what happens" approach. This is how art is created, through a willingness to explore the material and make mistakes. When Thomas graduated, he received a fellowship at a renowned Craft School. This experience focused his attention on the fine details of glass blowing, crafting the perfect object, great technique, and the understanding of the process.

As his tenure ran out, he was approached by a gallery that wanted to open a glass blowing studio. This entire process, from building the equipment, laying out space, designing the glassware, teaching workshops, demonstrating to the public, proved to be an invaluable experience and led him to his current adventure.

"Thomas Spake's story is one of evolving, changing and always improving through design, form, and fine craftsmanship"



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