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White Cloud Creations, Joseph Cozad, Necklace N14585, Pink And Mystic Rose Quartz With Argentium Silver, Beaded, Hypoallergenic, Handcrafted Necklace Detail

Joseph's jewelry is made from a variety of gemstones and tarnish resistant, hypoallergenic, Argentium silver, which is more pure than sterling silver, or hand crafted 14K gold filled wire, to give it a rich and long lasting sheen.

Jewelry is Joseph's Passion
From an early age Joseph has been creating art. He is an artist by nature and education and software developer by career.
Largely self-taught as a jewelry artist, he finds inspiration from many different sources. Joseph most enjoys working with the colors, shapes and textures of the gemstones as well as the malleable quality of the wire he uses to create each piece.
Joseph assures that each piece is handcrafted with love, care, and quality materials to be a unique piece of wearable art that will last a lifetime.

Joseph's Process
Just as any artist will begin a project with a drawing, Joseph will begin with a drawing of what he wants to create. He keeps these sketches and drawings in a little leather bound book on his drawing table at home so that when he is ready to make a new piece, or a series of new pieces, he will pull out his book and look for something that inspires him to create.

White Cloud Creations, Joseph Cozad, Earrings E14488, Blue Apatite And Sea Green Chalcedony With Argentium Silver, Beaded, Handcrafted, Hypoallergenic Chandelier Earrings



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More about hypoallergenic Argentium silver
Argentium Silver is a modern sterling silver alloy which modifies the traditional alloy by replacing some of the copper with the metalloid germanium. Argentium is purer than traditional sterling silver and is low maintenance, easy to care for, simple to clean, and is produced using only recycled silver.
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