Abby's Posh Pouches, Jewelry and Cosmetics Pouches, Shoulder Bags, & Hand-Bags

Abby Bressack Profile Artisan-Crafted Jewelry and Cosmetic Pouches

Abby Bressack of Abby's Posh Pouches is an American Artist who creates exquisite one of a kind works of art. She has had a lifelong passion for the exploration of different craft mediums. Abby makes pouches, purses, wristlets, clutches, and shoulder bags, using designer fabrics, unusual and frequently vintage and/or antique objects, and meticulous hand beading. She also creates her own cabochons to frame with her exquisite beading. Her pieces have zippers and on the inside, beautifully coordinated linings. All of Abbys' work is extremely special.