Edel Byrne Cobalt Blue-Water Glass Border Geometric Stained Glass Panel, Artistic Artisan Designer Stain Glass Window Panels
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Cobalt Blue-Water Glass Border Geometric Stained Glass Window Panel by Edel Byrne

Edel Byrne creates this artistic, Cobalt Blue-Water Geometric Border Stained Glass. This piece can be hung vertically or horizontally.

  • Handmade in the USA
  • Artisan-crafted stained glass window panels
  • Sizes and Prices Available:
    A. 14" L x 10" W - $185.00
    B. 18" L x 10" W - $245.00
    C. 21" L x 7.5" W - $225.00
    D. 32" L x 7.5" W - $360.00
    E. 36" L x 12" W - $650.00
  • Custom work is available upon request
  • Shipping: approximately two to four weeks


1. Free Ground Shipping: On most items $150.00 and over, and under 25 lbs.
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2. Ground Shipping Charges: 0 - $149.99 = $18.00 (USPS, FedEx, and UPS only)
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3. Freight Charges: Larger items, for example, furniture.
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4. International Orders: Must contact us first: bacon@sweetheartgallery.com
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For any shipping requirement other than free ground shipping, please call (845) 679-2622, or email bacon@sweetheartgallery.com

Due to the nature of handcrafted work, subtle variations are natural.

Each window panel is unique and holds Edel's signature style of "lace leadwork". Mixing lead and glass stones, Edel creates a style that could only be called medieval expressionism. Using a large palette of different shapes of colored glass and bevels, panels are individually laid out on the work table.

Edel Byrne Glass Art Stained Glass Window Panels 3 They are thoughtfully placed. The possibilities of creative arrangements, colors, and themes are endless.

Edel Byrne Work in ProgressEdel Byrne Glass Art Stained Glass Window Panels 3



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