Matt Gilbert M2B Art Metals Hand Forged Carbon Steel Pans, Skillets, Cookware

Matt takes great pride in forging each pan or skillet with a traditional round bottom, then adding his distinctive scallop edges and sturdy handles. Technically, carbon steel is an iron alloy that, contrary to its name, actually has a very low carbon content.

Each carbon steel skillet is formed with a low sloping side wall and a delightfully robust handle, elegantly tapered to preclude any uncomfortable heat transference.

A frequently asked question is what's the difference between a cast iron pan and a carbon steel pan? A carbon steel pan is appreciably lighter than cast iron, with better non-stick properties. In short: all the benefits of cast iron, but lighter and prettier.

Unlike some of the large-scale industrial producers of steel cookware that coat their wares with a variety of (nearly) inedible coatings, all of Matt's products come pre-seasoned with a thin coating of virgin coconut oil. This seasoning will build up over time, turning to a uniform black iridescent sheen. You can cook with them right out of the box.