Tamara Kelly Designs Cuff Bracelets with Pea Pods TKPC55 Wearable Art Jewelry
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Cuff Bracelet with Pea Pods TKPC55 by Tamara Kelly Designs

Tamara Kelly creates this cuff bracelet with three peas in a pod TKPC55. This piece has an 8mm sterling silver cuff with a satin finish, with three black and white pearls in a reticulated pod.

Handcrafted in the USA

* Wrist Sizes Available:
  A. Small
  B. Medium
  C. Large 

Shipping: approximately two to four weeks.


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Due to the nature of handcrafted work, subtle variations are natural.

Tamara Kellys' wearable art jewelry designs capture the spontaneous and organic exploration of her surroundings and are inspired by the shapes, textures, and divergence inherent to the natural world. She strives to create a certain depth of feeling with some forms being literal interpretations, while others are abstract or whimsical. Tamara often uses her dreams as a creative intervention during the design process and either sketch out her ideas or works “free form” to allow the materials and stones to influence the direction of each piece. She can often be found in her studio, experimenting with unexpected combinations of materials and new metalworking techniques, in order to realize her visions in innovative ways.



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