Trillium Handmade Weavers Chenille Scarf in Black Rainbow, Artistic Artisan Designer Chenille Scarves
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Chenille Scarf in Black Rainbow by Trillium Handmade Weavers


Trillium Handmade weavers create this artistic, chenille scarf in Black Rainbow. Each scarf is handwoven and then the fringe is hem-stitched at either end by hand, on-loom. Trillium Handmade weavers use rayon chenille, custom-dyed to a constantly evolving full-range palette of colors. The scarves should be dry-cleaned to keep their velvety texture.

  • Handwoven in the USA
  • Approximate Sizes and Prices Available:
  • Short: 52" L x 9" W - $82.00
  • Medium: 64" L x 9" W - $90.00
  • Long: 76" L x 9" W - $98.00
  • Lengths include fringe
  • Shipping: approximately two weeks

ALL Trillium Handmade weavers scarves

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Due to the nature of handcrafted work, subtle variations are natural.

Trillium Handmade weavers scarves are made from high-gloss rayon chenille yarn, chosen for its color brilliance and soft feel. The cloth is shimmering, lustrous, and smooth, composed from a palette of more than fifty yarn colors, dyed to Trillium Handmade Weavers specifications. In the finished fabric the colors blend, softening the warp stripes. The drape is relaxed and very comfortable. These chenille scarves are woven on multi-color warps (lengthwise threads), with a solid weft (back-and-forth thread).

Pieces with the same color name will have about the same proportions of about the same colors, but stripe patterns will vary, no two warps are the same.

Trillium Handmade Weavers Chenille Scarves-Scarf Promotional Image

The name Trillium comes from the flower. These flowers have three of everything — leaves, sepal, petals. Since Trillium began as three weavers, they chose Trillium Handmade for their weaving business.

Scarves are woven with a hand-shuttle, building the fabric a pick at a time. The fringe is hem-stitch at either end by hand, on the loom. When the warp comes off the loom, the fabric is washed and dried (this is a one time only, please dry-clean our scarves and shawls thereafter), to give it it's characteristic flowing, velvety texture.



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