Sticks, Customize Your Sticks Piece

Customizing any Sticks piece with whimsical themes, colors, words, and well known sayings is easy. We can help you with the entire process. Once you have selected the piece you want to embellish, add your own personal theme, uplifting sayings, and select one from eight different color palettes to bring your ideas to life.

You do not have to have an entire plan worked out in your head beforehand. You may only have a sketchy idea of what you want, or you may be more complete in the design you want, either way, Sweetheart Gallery will offer ideas to help the process along and make it easy and fun. You choose your theme.

Here are some suggested themes: Animal Themes (zoo, dogs, cats, wildlife, birds ), Landscapes Themes, Crazy Quilts Themes, Icon Themes, Floral Themes, Food and Wine Themes, Home Heart Themes, Sun & Moon Themes, Beach Themes, Judaica Themes
If you would like to personalize or customize your Sticks piece, there is an additional surcharge. Contact us for pricing.

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Here are some very happy customers, that demonstrate how easy the custom ordering process is.

"My wife just absolutely LOVED the bench from your gallery. Thanks so much for making it happen and for getting it done so fast. It came out fantastic.
Sincerely", Werner Ju


Here is how the creative process unfolded for Werner Ju.

1. Werner sent us his first request. "I am interested in a 3 foot bench with log legs in the elegant style color palette with either of these 3 themes: life is a beach, home is where the heart is, life is sweet. Can you send me some samples and prices?"

2. "Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I am definitely interested in ordering a 3 foot bench, and the fact that I can give you a sketch of what I would like is even better. I live in San Mateo, CA, 94401. I will e-mail you a sketch of what I have in mind within the next few days. Looking forward to working with you."

3. Here are the sketches that Werner sent. Werner used photographs in stead of drawings with words to convey his and his wife's ideas.

4. "I have attached a sketch of what I would like to have on the bench. Please edit it and let me know if it will work. I would also like a crested wave pattern (if possible) or something else you might suggest around the top of the bench. Around the side of the bench, I would like a heart-purple starfish-sanddollar pattern (if possible). I will send that as a separate e-mail. I am, of course, open to any suggestions that you have as my sketch is a very preliminary one and I trust your judgment of features that would work better. It was fun to custom design the bench, and I am looking forward to your suggestions."

Here is how the creative process unfolded for Stephania Bray.

Stephania contact us with a special request to modify this perpetual calendar. 
She wanted to include a Christian theme in the text.

"Lord Jesus Christ, Son Of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.
Doamne Iisuse Hristoase, Fiul Lui Dumnezeu 
miluiește-mă pe mine, păcătosul.

She wanted a drawing, which Sticks provided based 
on her wishes.

"Good morning, Stefania,
 Enclosed is a drawing for your perpetual calendar. I know you were concerned about the accents on the words. I addressed this with the artist" 

Drawing with new text.

"Thank you. it looks great! 
I would do English at the top and bottom and Romanian on each side (L and R).

" Ariel (Sticks) also suggested that you may want to add more words around the sides, as you can see, there is room for that, if you wish. 
Let me know, what you think. 

Enjoy your day,"

Here is how the creative process unfolded for Ricky Rothstein

Ricky wanted to know if she could order a teacart. Once she knew she could, she requested it with a drawer and wanted the back splash to be in the shape of mountain to reflect her love of the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York. Then she chose the color palette and theme. Again, we assisted her with first getting a drawing from Sticks, which she made a few alterations on, then gave the ok to complete the project.

Here is what Ricky had to say upon delivery.
"Love it. Love it. Love it"

Ricky Rothstein
Hollywood, Fla

If you would like to customize a piece email us

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you create that special piece.