Deborah Childress Blindspot Mirrors Plum Branch, Artistic Artisan Designer Mirrors
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Deborah Childress Blindspot Mirrors Plum Branch, Artistic Artisan Designer Mirrors Antique Gold Ebony and Gold Soft Bronze Warm Silver Soft Copper Snow Gold Taupe and Gold Tibetan Red Taupe and Nickel Summer Gold Patinaed Bronze Ivory Coastal Green Antique Bronze Bad Penny Dark Copper

Plum Branch Mirror, Blindspot Mirrors by Deborah Childress

Deborah Childress of Blindspot Mirrors creates this artistic, Plum Branch Mirror. Blindspot mirrors have a rich patinated metallic like finish, that enhances the detailed botanical castings and geometric designs.

Handmade in the USA.

* Available Colors:
 Antique Gold
 Ebony and Gold
 Soft Bronze
 Warm Silver
 Soft Copper
 Snow Gold
 Taupe and Gold
 Tibetan Red
 Taupe and Nickel
 Summer Gold
 Patinaed Bronze
 Coastal Green
 Antique Bronze
 Bad Penny
 Dark Copper

* Sizes Available:
A. 24" x 24" Frame: 4 1/4" W $540
B. 36" x 48" Frame: 4 1/4" W $1270
C. 28" x 36" Oval. Frame: 4 1/4" W $840
D. 40" Round. Frame: 6" W $1440

Custom Sizes Available

Shipping: approximately four to six weeks.


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Due to the nature of handcrafted work, subtle variations are natural.

Deborah recognized that fragile botanical designs can be captured with great clarity of detail, by developing a technique where she works directly on a mold. In other words, starting with a negative, rather than a positive form. Minutely detailed frames created entirely by hand are individually cast using fiber-reinforced gypsum cement providing a structurally strong, relatively light mirror. Each frame is hand detailed and finished with four to six layers of metallic pigment resulting in rich patinaed finishes which appear to look and feel like metal.



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