Edward Jacob Three Drawer Chest Artistic Artisan Wooden Chests
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Edward Jacob Three Drawer Chest Artistic Artisan Wooden Chests Edward Jacob Three Drawer Chest Artistic Artisan Designer Wooden Boxes

Storage Trunk - Chest Three Drawer Chest, Woodwork by Edward Jacob

Edward Jacob creates this handsome three-drawer storage chest/trunk,. He uses various traditional techniques, including frame and panel construction, vacuum press bending, and inlay. Postmodern and traditional Japanese architecture, as well as modernist sculpture,  have been some of the influences in his works.  He infuses his work with contrasting components such as hues of color, curved and straight lines, and hard and soft edges. Mixing these ideas, a sense of unity is the guiding principle influencing his aesthetic decisions.

  • Handmade in the USA
  • Size: 12" W x 7" D x 9" H
  • Material: Tiger Maple, Ebony, Bloodwood
  • Shipping: Since all pieces are originals and have been completed, they are ready for immediate shipment


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About Edward Jacob

Edward Jacob is an American artisan whose medium is wood. A woodworker for over forty years, Edward Jacob still loves the process of designing and crafting beautiful objects in wood. Formerly a furniture maker, his work now consists of boxes, vessels, and chests. The smaller scale allows him more design freedom, as he is unhindered by considerations inherent in creating larger furniture.



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