Gloria Baker Feinstein Fine Art Photography Six Birds Art Prints
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Six Birds by Gloria Baker Feinstein Fine Art Photography

Gloria Baker Feinstein creates this Six Birds color photograph.
Pigment print on metal mounted onto maple cradled panel.

  • Material: Archival print, metal, wood
  • Image Dimensions: 14″ H 14″ W
  • Overall Dimensions: 14″ H 14″ W 2″ D
  • Shipping: approximately one week


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About Gloria Baker Feinstein

Gloria Baker Feinstein is a fine art and portrait photographer based in Kansas City, Missouri, and Portland, Oregon. Her work has been included in exhibitions across the country and can be found in the collections of the High Museum of Art, the Center for Creative Photography, the University of Kentucky Art Museum, The Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, The Portland Museum of Art and the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, to name a few. Gloria’s photographs are published regularly in the Sun Magazine and New Letters Magazine. Her published book titles include: From the Heart: A Mosaic of Memories, Among the Ashes, Convergence, and Kutuuka.

I have been a photographer since the age of three, when, for some reason one day - and it was surely unexplainable at the time - I propped my favorite stuffed bunny against a cardboard box, gently arranged his long, soft ears, and then took his picture with my Rocket Brownie camera. Apparently, I took lots of pictures as a child; there are many photographs in the family albums featuring me with a camera dangling from my wrist or draped around my neck, and even more images of me aiming my camera at carefully arranged subjects. I know now that it was the perfect way for a very young girl to help make sense of her world - to put people, places, and events into some sort of order - and to commemorate and preserve the details of life around her. It was something I obviously felt the need to do early on and something I have never abandoned.



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