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Nautical Series Port Jug by Jake Pfeifer

Jake Pfeifer of Hot Glass Alley creates this beautiful Nautical Series Port Jug. It has the colors of the sea, the foam of the ocean, and the look of weathered sea glass.

Handmade in the USA.

 * Size: 6"H x 5.5"W on bottom

Shipping: approximately two to three weeks.

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Due to the nature of handcrafted work, subtle variations are natural.


Jake Pfeifer takes pride in his handmade art. Jake creates art glass using traditional Italian, Swedish and contemporary techniques that reflect a personal glass art style of his own expression and design. Each piece receives his dedication to uncompromising quality. Hot Glass Alley is proud of their reputation for excellence and consistency.

About Jake

Jake Pfeifer, Hot Glass Alley Profile in Studio Blowing Glass

Jake Pfeifer says “I fell in love with glass during a family vacation to Bermuda where I spent hours observing and asking questions at an open air, ocean front hot shop at the Royal Navy Dock Yard. I was fascinated with the thick, free flowing gather of hot glass, the blowing, molding and the adding of color. I could see the technical challenges, but also the range of possibilities in using glass as an art medium. I was 14. During my four years of high school, I began learning to blow glass and create glass art pieces; I have never looked back. It is my passion.”

Jake Pfeifer, Hot Glass Alley Profile in Studio Blowing Glass"I am a 2010 graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, Bachelor’s of Fine Arts, School of American Crafts – Glass Program, and have completed a 2 year Artist in Residence at Flame Run in Louisville. My training includes having worked in studios at Penland (NC), Urban Glass (NY), Glassworks (KY), Flame Run (KY), Corning (NY), Goggle Works (PA), and in New Jersey, at Belle Meade Hot Glass and Vandermark Merritt Studio."

Jake Pfeifer, Hot Glass Alley Profile in Studio Blowing Glass"People ask me what inspires me. I am a curious person which often leads to my artistic inspiration. I love rainy days, Christmas, art museums, roller blading, golf, walking in the woods, waterfalls, the ocean, music, fishing, family, friends and movies that take me to places I’ve never been. The formula for my work is personal; I am focused; each piece receives my enthusiasm and perseverance for excellence. My vision for each piece encompasses an understanding of the properties and movement of glass and application of color."



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