Vannucci Design by Justine Iolite and Apatite Marrakesh Necklace NM2077
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Vannucci Design by Justine Iolite and Apatite Marrakesh Necklace NM2077 clasp design

Marrakesh Necklace NM2077 by Vannucci

Justine creates this Marrakesh Necklace. A sterling silver hammered disc and chain, with iolite and apatite tassels. There is 14k gold filled wire and hand hammered clasp. Semi-precious briolettes, gemstones and metals, with a focus on unique color combinations and graceful movement adorn her beautiful jewelry. Her work is fitting for the office, as well as transitioning to your evening plans. 

  • Handmade in the USA
  • Size: 1.25" x 1" pendant, with a 16" total length
  • Shipping: approximately two weeks


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Due to the nature of handcrafted work, subtle variations are natural.

Jewelry that expresses your inner personality without overdoing it in the workplace.This “professional whimsy”, minimalist jewelry is small and delicate enough to be worn in the most conservative of office jobs, yet unique enough that it is also the perfect choice for your evening plans.  Each piece is carefully crafted to fit into more than one aspect of your life.

About Justine

“I started this business because not only do I thrive working with my hands, but I noticed something when I graduated college and started getting "real" jobs.  I was always used to expressing myself very externally with bright clothing and big, loud jewelry. Getting dressed was my favorite part of the day. Yet, in some of the work environments I experienced, I was either asked not to wear certain things, or was simply given the "judgy side eye". During a stint doing production for another jeweler, I made a few pieces for myself that I felt were creative and unique, but totally appropriate to wear in any other workplace. Interest in this concept began to grow through word of mouth, and Vannucci ltd jewelry was born.”



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